Interpretation of Blood Results

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    Belmatt Healthcare Training


    Course Objectives

    Taught by an A&E consultant with experience in general practice.

    This course provides an overview of common blood tests carried out in clinical practice with a special focus on general practice.

    It will provide an overview of the relationship between normal physiology and disease processes.

    Provides guidance to interpretation of results within clinical context using a case study approach.

    Course Contents

    • Full Blood Count; Haemoglobin and erythrocyte physiology. Patterns in anaemia. Iron studies.

    • Interpretation of inflammatory markers: ESR,WCC, CRP

    • INR and anticoagulation

    • Patterns in anaemia

    • Thyroid, Vitamin D and overview of endocrine markers.

    • Cholesterol markers

    • Metabolic and Clinical Biochemistry

    • Clinical electrolyte and water homeostasis

    • Hypo and hypernatraemia.

    • LFT, Albumin, ALT and association to  Liver Disease.

    • Case Study Approach using clinical cases.

    • ***Limited places available

    Suitable for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics and other healthcare professionals.

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