Consultation Skills: Consulting Under Pressure

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    ‘Consulting Under Pressure’ - a message from the speaker, Dr Roger Neighbour

    Hello, and thank you for booking to attend my MediConf session on ‘Consulting under pressure’.
    I hope I’ll be able to offer some suggestions and techniques for dealing with some of the
    stresses that are making the general practice consultation increasingly difficult, such as:
    • shortage of time
    • rising patient demand and expectation
    • conflict between your and the patient’s agendas
    • telephone, video or email consultations
    But I want to make the session as relevant as possible to the individual concerns of the people
    attending. So I plan to devote part of the time to a kind of ‘consultation clinic’, where we can
    deal with topics suggested by the audience. And I’d like to ask you for your help in making it a
    success, please.
    If there is any particular subject you’d like to be covered in the session, please email me in
    advance with your suggestion, preferably no later than a week beforehand. That way, I can
    prepare some thoughts and material. Also, if there is an issue or problem which you think we
    might all learn from, and which you’d be willing to discuss during the session, please email me.
    (I promise – no embarrassment, and no role-play!)
    My email address is:
    I look forward to meeting you in due course.
    Thank you, and best wishes,
    Roger Neighbour

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